All things New

Ok Friends, It is HIGH TIME I made some changes around here at Erin Lynn Photography. So THIS post is to tell you all about it.

OBVIOUSLY the new site is up, and there will be more tweaking and little fixes happening the next few weeks while we settle in to this new platform, but I could NOT be more EXCITED! Because, FINALLY EVERYTHING you need will be found here! Galleries, my portfolio, Booking, and you can contact me.

So a little more about each of the new things-

My Portfolio- it is made up of more recent work of mine, and will always be changing as new Clients come along and also as your families grow, I need to update their adorable faces! I truly try to make my work here show what you will get, rich colors, clean images, and hopefully all the emotion that comes with family and love!

Galleries will now be previewed RIGHT HERE!! No more separate links and you will also be able to download the entire gallery with ONE button if you choose! You can order your images right from your gallery, so EASY!!

I'm sure you will also notice that my pricing is undergoing some changes. Right now I am still offering digital downloads and soon, I'm hoping to add albums and some other new and fun products! So stay tuned!

Possibly my favorite thing- you can BOOK right here, through this site! You can find available dates, and pick yours with just a couple of clicks! You can DEFINITELY still contact me with questions or ideas. I would LOVE to hear from you!

For now that is what is new, and I am over here HAPPY DANCING!! Hope you love all the changes, I can't wait for you to see how we change and grow next!

Thanks for being here!